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Calling All Football Coaches!

Are you passionate about football? Do you have a knack for coaching and guiding young athletes to reach their full potential? If so, we want you to join our team!

We are currently seeking experienced and dedicated football coaches to lead our talented players. As a coach, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of these athletes, both on and off the field.

Requirements for this position include a deep understanding of football strategies, excellent communication skills, and the ability to motivate players to excel. Experience in coaching at various levels, from youth to high school, is highly valued.

At our organization, we prioritize the development of our players, fostering a positive and inclusive environment that promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth. As a coach, you will play a vital role in instilling these values in our athletes while helping them hone their skills and reach new heights.

If you're passionate about football, possess strong leadership qualities, and have a desire to make a difference in the lives of young athletes, we want to hear from you! Join our team and be a part of something special.

To apply, We can't wait to meet you and welcome you to our football family!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to shape the next generation of football stars. Apply today and let your coaching skills shine!

Join the Board and Shape the Future of Pleasant Grove Jr Eagle Football and Cheer

We are looking for passionate individuals to join our dedicated board and help us build a thriving community for Pleasant Grove Jr Eagle (PGJE) football and cheer. As a volunteer-driven organization, your involvement is crucial in shaping the future of our program and making a positive impact on the lives of young athletes.

By joining the board, you will have the opportunity to contribute your skills, knowledge, and expertise towards developing strategies, implementing initiatives, and fostering growth within our football and cheer community. Whether you have experience in sports management, marketing, finance, or simply a love for the game, your unique perspective is valued and welcomed.

As a board member, you will play a pivotal role in decision-making processes, ensuring that our program remains competitive, inclusive, and supportive. Your input will help guide us in establishing effective policies, organizing events, and providing resources that empower our athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Being part of the PGJE board is not only a chance to give back to the community, but also an opportunity for personal growth and development. Collaborating with like-minded individuals, you will gain valuable leadership skills, expand your professional network, and forge lifelong friendships.

If you are passionate about youth sports, dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive environment, and eager to make a difference, we invite you to join our board. Together, let's build a thriving Pleasant Grove Jr Eagle football and cheer community that inspires, empowers, and uplifts our young athletes.

To express your interest, please visit our website and apply today We look forward to working with you and creating an unforgettable experience for our athletes.

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Welcome to our new league website!

Pleasant Grove Jr. Eagles is proud to bring youth football and cheer to Elk Grove and surrounding areas.  We are a no-weight limit, feeder program designed to serve youth between the ages of 6-14.  Our commitment is to “Build a Love For the Game” and we invite you to have your athlete join us.